My World: Earth Lapbooks

They are done!! Rylan was a trooper through the continent books and did 90% of the writing, dictating the rest. Originally I was going to make 2 of the same, but as I was creating I realized Cale would not be able to keep up- with the writing and the attention span, so I scaled his down and made a K version.

Mini books in Rylan's version:

  • What is a Galaxy
  • Solar System: listing the planets in order
  • Geography terms pocket. We made a salt dough map and labeled each of the terms. Then we looked them up in the glossary of one of our books and wrote the definitions for the pocket.
  • Iside the Earth. We did a little activity with construction paper circles for the different layers of the earth and labeled them
  • 7 continent books: Each book contained a map, a world map for him to locate and color the continent, a page to list and color a flag for a few countries, a page on languages, georgraphy and interesting facts.
  • World's oceans petal book.
  • A label-the-oceans book
  • Ocean Facts book
  • 4 mini-matchbooks for random US facts
  • a TN book: included state flower, bird, nickname, flag, date joined the union, abbreviation...
  • Major Marks of the US: Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate, Old Faithful, Washington DC, Mt. Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon
  • Map of the US: he drew/colored the Mississippi River, Appalachians, Rockies, TN, Washington DC, Great Lakes then numbered and labeled them on the inside.
  • Flag Facts on the US: We made paper flags and discussed the flags nicknames and the meanings of the stars and stripes
  • 4 books on some important buildings around the world: The Great Pyramid, The Coliseum, The Eiffel Tower and The Great Wall of China
  • 6 books on 'extremes' : The longest river, the tallest building, the oldest moutains, the tallest moutain, the lowest point on earth, the largest volcano
  • On the back I made a game board and 3 sets of colored cards: one on geography terms, one on random world fact (biggest continent, which ocean is the largest, which continent includes France, etc...) and US facts. We will be playing it the next few days to help retain all the info they have learned.

Mini books in Cale's version
  • Solar System, inside earth, 4 US mini matchbooks, TN facts, label-the-ocean book, US major marks, and labeling the US map and 4 of the 6 'extremes' books were the same as Rylan's
  • Wonders of the World. These were the same 4 buildings as Rylan's but his was in a circle book and had no fact writing involved.
  • Flag Facts: same as Rylan's except that he had 2 specific questions to answer instead of blank lines to write on.
  • World map. The major change was he did a map similar to the US one for the continents. He colored each one and labeled them on the inside. He drew flags as well after his writing- but that was his choice :) I think he could copy flags all day.
Here are the pictures from inside the books:


  1. Cool stuff!! Where did you get these? I love how they have so much information, but they look fairly simple for all age groups. Hey... thanks for stopping by. Join me anytime! :0)

  2. Did you make this one too? Cyan would love this. I love the kid handwriting. What a great way for your boys to learn!


  3. Would you please email it to me Sadie? That would be so great! We are working on Geo right now and even Alex would get something out of it... I bet I could make it his level.



    PS BlueRoseMama@hotmail.com