I feel a little guilty each morning when I call the boys to come to the table. They all come, and every day I hear "Mommy do you have anything for me to do today???" from Cohen. He gets a little grumpy when I don't but will work at the table on something- markers, playdough, sticker books- then go off and play, but what he really wants is school. Like his brothers. Something made and planned just for him.

I've tried this week. Not pre-planned, but spur of the moment. So here's a run down of what Cohen and Lakin have done this week:

On Monday we made paper dragons for Chinese New Year

On Tuesday we shelled peanuts

and painted with the dot paints

On Wednesday Paul emptied his pockets before work; pulling out about 40 golf tees he picked up from somewhere. Cohen and Lakin (and Rylan and Cale) have been hammering, or pushing them in Lakin's case, into clay or playdough for the past 2 days.
Today Cohen worked on a counting file folder game, and while he was counting I got inspired and made this up for him:
Quickly drawn and cut aliens in need of eyes
He was very happy to have work to do

And at (every)night they have acted out thier version of the song Mr. Policeman by Brad Paisley (on my sidebar playlist)over and over and over....from Hey, Mr Policeman, I bet I can drive faster than you can with trucks; to Hey, Mr Policeman, I bet I can run faster than you can on foot; to I'm in the jailhouse now complete with laundry basket jail.


  1. the little aliens--great idea. :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Your post today made me think of this blog I used to look at. It was She has tons of hands on activities for preschoolers and toddlers on there. It made me wish my kids were little again to do them. You looked like you have a lot of ideas already, but it's always nice to be able to see what other's are doing.


    p.s. Daniel was really thrilled to hear that Rylan liked his letter.

  3. Very Nice preschool day. Love the alien faces with eyes how neat and cute, also like the tidy container neat idea.


  4. Love the alien counting heads! Very cute! I really enjoy your site!

    I also gave you a blog award over at my blog, check it out :)