Easter Treats

This year was a low-budget Easter. In general we have been trying to get the kids in a less materialistic mind-set, but they are kids and they have memories of past toy filled holidays....
This year I bought a packet of seeds for each of them and organic chocolate chips. Everything else I made with what we had around the house:

1. Egg shaped chalk made from plaster of paris, molded in plastic eggs.

2. Egg shaped crayons made from melted down crayons and molded in blown out egg shells. (inspired by Val and her beeswax candles)

3. A paper pinwheel on the back of a pencil

4. A paper crane

5. I made 2 batches of playdough, green and yellow, to fill their eggs.
6. And I made chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. I tried using the plastic eggs for molds but it didn't work...they wouldn't come neatly out of the molds. So I took them all apart and remelted the chocolate and made them using a deviled egg holder instead. That worked much better. They loved them, and ate them for breakfast....

See the chocolate laced smile?

It was a beautiful day. They spent an hour with playdough this morning, lots of spinning with the pinwheels to make them go faster, a good deal of time was spent on a game that involved the paper cranes transforming into jets and back to cranes, and my driveway is covered in huge multicolored chalk drawings of people. And I feel better knowing that they don't need the toys and tons of candy. And they are happy.


  1. That was so lovely, it's nice to see others working to make these holidays less of a "grab all the candy and run" event.

    We too did less. The kids each got: crayons, a packet of flower seeds, a bag of yogurt covered cranberries, and a cup that has a straw molded into it (my kids can go through a packet of straws in no time; it was time to limit that practice). They got other stuff from grandparents but even they kept it fairly simple.

    It just gets to be a mess otherwise.

    Great homemades!

  2. We also did this this year. I LOVE your plaster of paris and wax crayon eggs! I am going to print this out and put it in the spring folder for next year. Beautiful crafts!

    Chocolate filled smiles are always a joy. :)

    Happy Easter to you Sarah and your beautiful brood.


  3. Very nice.
    We went inexpensive too.
    Having a great good friday~completing our Tree of Life and a few other great cafts and little candy from church.
    I love the egg chalk that was neat.