Inspired by Sarah's latest trips to the strawberry patches, we decided to head out this morning to pick a few. Our berries here at home are still very green, and we live across the street from a large u-pick strawberry patch...although today we went just a little further to the one closer to town....
Here's Lakin....he was SO excited. He wandered around 'helping' Paul put the berries in the basket...or throwing/dropping them in the basket. Making comments like "big strawberry" and "little strawberry" in his choppy 2 yr old sentence structure.
Cohen stayed with me most of the time, he's still worn out and has a low grade fever, but when I even mentioned that we stay home and wait until he is all better he got upset....he wanted to go pick...NOWRylan and Cale ran off to the ends of the rows trying to find funny shaped berries and the biggest ones they could find. Rylan did find mud and got his feet stuck. Really, Really stuck. Paul had to pull him out, hard.We ended up picking 18lbs! In about 30 minutes! We actually went over our budget....luckily they are a really nice, family operated business and offered to let us pay the excess next time we came instead of Paul running up to the ATM. I guess with 5 baksets it's easy to get more than expected. So we have some for eating, some for freezing and some for jam.


  1. That's a lot of strawberries! It looks like it was a lot of fun, too!


  2. Mmmmmmmm. I can't even think now that I saw your strawberry-goodness.

    We have 2 more months before strawberries are even green here. Sigh.

  3. Look at you picking strawberries already!! Those look wonderful!