Meet the Broodies

First, here are the babies....they are about 3.5-4 weeks old now. They were straight run at the co-op and I am fairly certain we picked 2 roosters. I looked online when we got home and read the male cuckoo marans are usually more silver and hens are more black. Oh well.....I guess Monique and Minerva Louise will be needing new names....
He looks rather roostery already

Last night, Paul and I finally finished our broody suite. The 2 mamas have been broody for about a week and one has been on 4 eggs since Monday. But since chickens are funny creatures that always want what the other has all the other birds kept sitting on top of them no matter how much they pecked and screamed. Not to mention they were adding eggs we didn't want added to the nests...

So we made the broody suite. Cheaply made out of 2, $5 boards from Home Depot and plastic. Their little run is reused from when our chicks were babies. We wrapped it well, so hopefully they stay dry if it ever decides to rain.Here they are in their new quarters....

Doesn't she look happy? (okay no...but they are fairly grumpy when you bother's funny to watch them puff up into a ball and scream at you...)
But they are comfy and left alone now. And the chicks- if we are successful will be safe from big hens and a mean rooster. One is on day 5....the other I just gave 6 eggs today.....21 days to go.


  1. Very cool! I love seeing how things are going with your chickens. I love the dog just sitting outside the lovely suite. I like to imagine what he's (she's?) thinking.

  2. Cool coop! I'm always excited to see what others' coops look like because we are secretly stealing all design plans and hoarding them until we make our own. Good fun. Oops, it's not a secret anymore! :-)

    Pretty chicky babies!