New Additions

We have been attempting to get one of our chickens to go broody so we could hatch out some eggs....but we got impatient. We went down to the co-op this morning to get chicken food and bedding, and they had a few week-old straight-run Cuckoo Maran chicks left from last week's shipment.

We *think* we picked girls. At a week old you could tell some had thicker legs and longer tail feathers....we didn't pick those.

Each boy picked one chick...

They were pretty wild at the store, but seem to be calming down, and I am sure the boys will have them hand tamed in no time....

If we ever get one of our hens to go broody, we will still hatch some though....but in the meantime....


  1. What beautiful chicks...


  2. Oh! Once again I'm jealous. Sigh.
    I wanna come live at your house.
    I'm a good housekeeper! :-)

    Those chicks are so darned cute!

  3. Great chicks! Found my way to your bolg via Val's. I wanted to say hi and to tell you that it was nice to see some vegetarian farmers. We are too and it was GREAT to be able to tell one of my boys that we are not the only ones in Tennessee who are vegetarian farmers!!! Great blog!

  4. They are beautiful! I love all your chickens. These will be a great addition. :)