Fresh Air

We spent an absolutely beautiful day outside today. We've been cooped up for a few days since Rylan and Cale have been fighting some type of virus since last Saturday...fever, cough, nausea, and oh my are they irritable and grumpy! I forced them off the couches and out of each other's faces all afternoon. Our play area in the back yard gets a good deal of shade in the afternoon...and with the breeze it was cooler out there than in the house.... we brought out books, games, a blanket...Rylan laid on the swing most of the time and Cale on a lawn chair....getting up every now and then to smash what we call bag worms....(I actually looked them up since Rylan wanted to know if they turned into something....and they are Eastern Tent Caterpillars)

I planted more tomatoes....I think I have about 25 total plants... and planted out the first of the cucumbers, melons and zucchini and other squash. The picture below if of our compost nectarine had blooms for the first time this year and now a few of these little fruits.....we are watching it to see if it will continue to grow in to a true (good) fruit.

Lakin and Cohen stayed in the shade, the sand or on the blanket reading with me...and collecting the caterpillars that seem to be raining down on us. Giving them to the chickens- who by the way don't eat Eastern tent caterpillars ....

And I got to catch up on my current book....


  1. Glad you were able to get out after being cooped up. Nothing better than fresh air. Glad you were able to identify the "worms". I always love the pictures on your blog!

  2. We're going through the Eastern Tent Caterpillar stage right now as well. Here are pics and info we found. Many sites say to destroy them but my kids are loathe to do that - much preferring to pet the furry critters. So we just put them back where we find them which we will probably pay for later.

  3. So your worms were actually worms! Very nice, ours were just seed pods.

    Too bad the chickens won't eat them though.