All work....and then play

We are a little late planting our cover crop this year, but this afternoon we spread the winter wheat seeds on all of our beds.

I spread the seeds, Rylan raked them in....
Cohen and Lakin.....and eventually Rylan and Cale stomped around the garden to push the seeds down a bit...

Bandit helped too...he's quite the gardener

While most of us were in the garden Cale was raking the leaves....

So that when you are done working...

You can have a little fun.

To bury your self in leaves

Pose for the camera, with my favorite smile

To throw as high as you can

Then throw them at the camera, and my face.


  1. This post is too cute! I have a 7 year old boy and a Bernese mountain dog so I can relate to the "help" :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sadie,
    Wanted to stop by tonight. Give a hoot and a hollar. :)
    I had coffee with aaron today it was good; overall good, I know he has to continue to be on his own but, it was a good visit; although I did feel as though I gave him the mom 20 questions nothing I didn't want to know of course but, the basics are you eating, are you ok etc.
    It was nice to hug him and tell him I love him. I miss him alot; we are still adjusting to a new normal however good though, Aaron also looked good and seems to have a direction. He isn't sure about the holidays but, he knows he can come home for them if he wants to.
    I also wanted to say the leaves look like fun! We had alot although the kids didn't get to play in them. (Damp leaves aren't much fun).
    I also wanted to ask you, Are you going to do your advent december crafts/activities again? I do believe we are going to, if you are do you have some great crafts planned or are you going to create as you go?
    Well, you take care
    Your Friend,

  3. Fall pictures are my absolute favorite! Love the one of all the boys holding their leaves!