On clocks and time....

Right now in the co-op class I am teaching we are finishing up telling time. Here's a couple things we've done in the past couple weeks to help the kids learn how to tell time....

We made the standard paper plate clock....They cut and glued all the pieces then we worked on setting the clocks for certain times. We manipulated a paper clock to see how the half and quarter hours cut the clock. The paper clock we used has helped them all tremendously. I printed it from Aussie Pumpkin Patch and they have all used it to help them get quicker at reading the time with out having to count by 5's all they way around each time.

We had a life sized game board set up around the room. I printed a bunch of blank clocks and drew the times I wanted. We were focusing on tell the time to 5-minutes and seeing that the hour hand doesn't point directly at the hour, that it moves closer and closer to the next hour as each minute passes. They kids really enjoyed throwing the oversized dice and walking the board. They did really well at the time-telling too.

These are the prizes for 'winning' or completing the game. White and milk chocolate clock faces.

We also played clock-face go fish. It can also be played as rummy or as memory/concentration. Since we were running out of time we did move from Go Fish! to just spreading and matching the digital time to the clock face. The times on these cards were to the minute.

We are making a lapbook in our class, so all of these pieces...the paper plate clock, the Go Fish cards, and a mini version of the clock-face game board will be included for them to play with at home too.


  1. Wow! Excellent ideas. I'm excited I found your blog as I'm just beginning to unschool my own boys. Well, one is only 15 months, but he's learning everyday!

    I just started my own blog today as well :) I am going to blog about our unschooling adventures as well as all the other crazy crunchy stuff we do!

  2. I just want to say the things you have done lately are wonderful. Love the fall decorations so cute, the sea turtles oh how wonderful and creative and the clock faces wow I may steal that idea (I promise to give credit back to your blog if I do):)
    Wonderful ideas and happenings lately.