What President's Are Made Of

During our government study this week we have been talking about presidents, a lot. One of the books we have enjoyed is called What Presidents Are Made Of It has little blurbs about different presidents and the illustrations are made up of the facts given. Richard Nixon's head is a tape recorder and his nose is an ear. Andrew Jackson has bullets for eyes and a revolver for his mouth. Today we made our own:

Here is Rutherford B. Hayes. He was the first president to use a telephone- thus the phone cord hair and beard and the telephone mouth. His phone number was #1 (his nose) and the lemonade glass eyes represent Lemonade Lucy and the fact that alcohol was not permitted at the White House during his presidency. (by Rylan)

Here is John Quincy Adams. He placed the first billiard table in the White House and while he was president he had a pet alligator. He wore the same hat for 10 years- even though neighbors complained. He also liked to swim in the Potomac River every morning- naked. (by Cohen- and me)

And finally, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Who liked to collect stamps- and had a collection of more than 25,000. He had a collection of miniature pigs in the White House. And he smoked more than a pack of cigarettes a day. (by Cale)


  1. That's a cool idea, I'll have to borrow that book sometime.

  2. Wow, what an amazing idea!! Looks great!!

  3. Fun activity! I bet they already know more about presidents than I do. :)

  4. Keep up the good blogging! Much appreciated..