Special Delivery

We've been expecting this delivery all week. But with the holiday yesterday, shipment was delayed. Upon waking this morning our phones were silent, and we were ready to wait another day. But at 9:00, on his way to class, Paul received a phone call from the main Post Office in Knoxville. We had a package. It arrived too late to make the truck heading to Maryville and Greenback. They could send it tomorrow, or we could come and get it.

Since Paul couldn't skip class, we did. We dropped our math books and mini-books and left. For a 45 minute drive to Knoxville. And as we walked to the counter, we heard them.

26 cheeping chicks in a box can be awfully loud.

26 cheeping chicks in a box were very loud on the 45 min drive home from Knoxville.

They quieted down a bit once those 26 cheeping chicks got their first drink of water, ate a little and stretched out under the heating lamp.

So for the next 4 or so weeks our playroom will be a mini-petting zoo. With these 26 girls, the 2 rabbits, crabs and the random cat or dog. Not to mention the 4 boys who want to hold them....but that is good...hand-tamed chickens are the best kind. One you don't have to chase down and will let you tote them around like a doll.


  1. I love them! That's a lot of cheeping chicks!

  2. Hand-tamed chickens are very easy to care for. They come when called. They'll eat out of your hand. Our kids carry ours around the yard all of the time!