US Government Lapbook- Elementary Edition

Minus a few little details, they are done.

A run down of the mini books included in their lapbooks:

1. Money: a run down of money fact
2. Term Limits: Limits and term lengths of the President, Congress and Justices
3. Taxes: Facts on Tax
4. Branches of the Military
5. The Election Process

6. The Judicial Branch
7. The 3 Branches of the Governement
8. What is a Democracy
9. The Founding Fathers

10. How a Bill becomes a Law
11. Responsibilities of the People
12. The Bill of Rights
13. Vocabulary pocket

14. President Barack Obama facts
15. Government Services pocket
16. Local TN Government Officals
17. Presidents of the US (Coloring Pages in mini)

18. My Favorite President...they chose completely random ones like Grover Cleveland and Chester Arthur

19. The Constitution- they wrote the preamble

And that is it....

I plan on writing up all my links, books and resources in the next few days to share. Almost all of the mini books were created by me- with the exception of the President Obama and mini president coloring pages.


  1. Those turned out really great...makes me want to do a mini government unit soon!

  2. Very very cool! We are just starting to look at the world of lapbooking. Those turned out really great! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. What a great project. I found your site on the Mom blog network and am now a follower. come check mine out sometime.

  4. This looks wonderful! Did you ever write up the post with the links?