On A Sunny November Day

There's nothing better than a 70 degree day in November. Full of the sunlight we've been craving since the time change. We spent the morning at the park and the afternoon in the yard...
We made sidewalk paint. It's a real easy recipe:

corn starch
food coloring

mix it up so it is the consistency of a thin paint and you're done

Then we grabbed the brushes and decorated the driveway

With houses and faces and names and Jackson Pollack inspired splatter

Then took a break to give the littlest a ride in his truck

Rylan didn't want to spend his time painting. He had work to do.

Spend some time with our favorite girls

And the big Guys....this is Charlie. He's the Alpha rooster

And his side-kick, Napoleon, with the crooked toe

We finished with the started out with jumping, but after one or 2 accidental slips in the leaves that covered the surface it became a falling down, laughing pile of boys


  1. You have some adorable little guys:-) I would like to award you with an award. Please come on over to my blog, and check it out

  2. These last few days sure have been nice! Looks like you all made good use of the sunshine.

  3. Spending time outside in the sunshine always feels so good - especially this time of year! I've been thinking about making sidewalk paint for a while... maybe we'll get to it the next warm sunny day!