The Day the UPS Man Came

I ordered a bunch of things for next year and it came today. I love getting new stuff...

I ordered a couple math books for Cohen...who has been asking, no begging, for me to get him a math book for months and months. He was so excited.

I went ahead and ordered the manipulative kit that went along with came with a lot of things, like these fraction tiles. And a bunch of counters and blocks and such.

Once I ordered all the books- history, handwriting and math. I went shopping. For random stuff to bump my total up to the free shipping minimum.

So I got books

And 12 sided dice

And some art supplies....

Other than now I can happily plan, the great thing about getting a package is this:

When they opened the box, Cale and Rylan played with pattern blocks for long time. Cohen worked with the fraction tiles, Lakin counted bears and then they asked if they could do their books. At 7pm during summer vacation. Rylan and Cale did their handwriting books and Cohen did about 4 pages in his math book. Then I had to force them to take a bath....


  1. Don't you just love new school stuff? They got right to work didn't they?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I returned the favor and I'm glad I did. I look forward to reading here more often.

    We have that little fraction set too! I picked it up on a whim at a books sale. My boys had a fun time playing with fractions simply because I set it on the table!