Reading Corner

Like most people, okay, well like most homeschoolers, we have books in every room of the house. From the cookbooks in the kitchen to the curriculum/school resource books in my room to the kids books....everywhere. We have one very large shelf that sits in the playroom- it's been in my home as long as I can remember and my dad gave it to me when he downsized a couple years ago. It's got our books, kids books, college text books and it is stuffed full. Since it arrived it has been along one wall, covering up our poster of George Washington. Last week the boys and I took off all the books and moved it so it is jutting out into the middle of the room...

Added a couple comfy places to sit and a lamp...

And now they have a quiet, comfortable place to read...

And the back of the shelf is proving useful too.


  1. That's a really nice bookshelf. So large wow!

  2. That's a great idea. Love the way it makes the reading area look.

  3. Love that reading room! We just now put up LOTS of shelving in our "library" room. We're going to add some more down here in the living/study area. I'm going to post pics when it's all done and organized...for now it still looks like a complete mess! ;)