Keeping Cool

It's been hot here. Hotter than it's been in a couple summers I think. Which makes for a miserable time outside or a long day indoors. We try to get out to the pool at least once a week, but we did get a slip n' slide this week at the store. We had to set it up the second we got home...

I had a slip n' slide when I was younger. But we also had a hill. We don't have a hill here, but they made do...

Cohen and Lakin by crawling down it

And Rylan and Cale by getting a good running start and projecting themselves as hard as possible.

There was only one problem...

They were a little over zealous in their jumping and had poor form.

Both of Cale's hips looked like this. One of Rylan's. It probably doesn't help that there is absolutely no padding on them. 2 days later they tried again and they must have perfected their bruising that day.

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  1. Oh, my! They had so much fun, they didn't notice! Boys!