The Preschool Shelf

I've been rearranging our playroom/schoolroom lately. Like I always do before we start a new school year. Cohen will be a little more occupied this year since, which means Lakin is losing his partner in crime during school time. Last year, they ran amok. I when Cohen was in preschool I did very well giving him activities to do while I was working with the older two. Last year, not so much. So....this year I cleared off one entire shelf to dedicate to Lakin-aged activities. Everyone can use them, but the activities I choose have him in mind.

Here is our 9-cube, preschool shelf:

I've been putting them out slowly, taking off old ones and replacing them with new. I put this one out tonight and he loved it. 2 bowls, rocks and tongs.

I ordered a couple things from Montessori Services, one of which was this creamer set. They are tiny and cute and great for pouring.

And this I put out tonight, after the boys were in bed. This is Lakin's mini sandbox. I took out the sand and replaced it with birdseed, some spoons and scoops. I am sure the dump trucks will go back in tomorrow too.

This little pouring set has been out for over a year now, but they all use it. I did finally replace the old beans with chickpeas for something new though.

Counting bears and cards, up to 8

This is what I did with the sand from the mini-sandbox. Along with some shells and a straining spoon...

And finally the dropper jars. We have a set for color mixing, which they all use weekly it seems. So I got a couple more bottles and droppers to use for other things. This one is for filling up these mini-cups. Cohen worked on it for awhile tonight when I put it out...making his blue and red pattern.

My plan is to switch these out every week or so. Keeping with the basic themes of these. Pouring, transferring, math, language, sensory, small motor, etc...

Next up on my rearranging list: The "Library"
I have an idea on what I want to do, I just have to convince Paul to help me take all the books off and move the massive 6 ft long, 4 ft high book shelf to a new location. (And back if it doesn't look like I want it to....)


  1. Sounds like some of our furniture moving adventures. Love your new shelves, it will be a hit I'm sure!

  2. I can only imagine the places from which I'd be cleaning sand and chickpeas if I gave something like that to my children. I'm glad it works for you.

  3. Hi Sadie,
    I just dropped in and wanted to see what you guys have been up too. Love that preschool shelf and all your activities you are such a organized person and I love it. Can I borrow your organized lovely lesson plans. :) too.
    I love how you are so organized like that it's awesome. I am thankful to keep my planner in check.
    Anyway, love the preschool shelf.
    I also was wondering how your garden was going this year it was amazing last year how many pounds of food you guys brought in and I was so inspired and in awe by that. Also, this may be nosy and I apologize if it is but, how's your pregnancy how are you feeling? I ask cause you haven't mentioned and since I visit you and consider you a good blog friend I thought I would ask you of course don't answer if I have stopped on your toes in anyway. :) BIG HUGS! to you, the boys and your family. :)


  4. Your pk shelf looks great. I'm planning on being more organized with Zahana and Rohan this year and setting up something similar. A good place to find things for cheap is the Habitat ReStore. They have lots of different utensils, containers, etc. for 10 or 25 cents.

  5. Great ideas!! I love that shelf and all those activities. So do they have set times for when they get to play?