Keeping Cool: Part 2

Today Paul had class until noon, but didn't have to be at work until 4. So instead of him driving all the way home or hanging around the UT library for hours like he's been doing this week, we decided to meet him on campus after class. After lunch at the UT Gardens and getting ice cream (the reward for Cale learning to "swim"- he traveled about 2 ft under water, but a it's a start) we headed down to Knoxville's Volunteer Landing- or the river front.

They've done a lot of work up there in the past few years, and it's a nice place to walk around....if it weren't 95+ degrees outside. But they've also got these fountains. And that's a good thing when it's 95 degrees outside.

They thoroughly enjoyed their first trip to this area

Running through the water spouts,

And through the waterfall,

And letting the waterfall pull their swimsuits half off- they are boys you know....

And for someone who was pretty scared to go underwater at the pool, I am not quite sure how this isn't scary too...

And I got to do one of my favorite things too...

Taking their picture...water always makes a nice backdrop.


  1. The boys look like they have been having fun!! Sounds like a really great trip.

    We finally had a day that water was refreshing to play in. Finally reaching 90 today for the first time this summer and actually feeling like summer.


  2. Those are awesome pictures!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about the Home Depot thing. I love what you said and totally can see that side...thanks! A great perspective I had not considered. I think it makes perfect sense..I just didn't think of it that way. :)