What I Did on My Summer Vacation

1 month. Give or take. That is our summer vacation around here. July 5th marks the start of our new school year, so my summer vacation is in full swing. What does that mean? Planning.

It means a zillion word documents constantly on my desktopStacks of library books to go though
An ever growing list of bookmarked websites do revisit, like Lesson Pathways.

And as much as I love my computer- I love my binder too. With all my schedules and unit plans. It's where I keep samples of their work and keep track of just about everything.

Like my (constantly evolving) book list for each kid. Books I might want them to read. Ones they might enjoy reading. And a list of all that they did read. My boys are somewhat reluctant readers. They have yet to find those books that they can't put down, that they read for fun, or that they will read at times other than when I tell them too.

I've got the basic outline of the year down. We are doing true history for the first time, instead of random books, projects and units. And we are focusing on Earth Sciences this year since we've spent a lot of time with physical and biological over the years. Now I've just got to get the actual lessons planned out.


  1. Amen, sister. That's what I feel like I'm doing too. I think we are both at the same place...know what we want to do but now the long part-actual planning it all out.

    I'll have to look at your notebook sometime. I've been sketching out my plans in those spiral bound notebooks. I might need to change that a bit. Yours looks much more organized.

  2. Wow - you are definitely more organized than I am! We usually take off one month, but I'm planning on two this year. I just need it. I've already done our history planning but nothing else so far. I mostly kind of plan-as-I-go. Maybe that has something to do with why I need two months off this year!

  3. I sure envy you, already planning for July when, in England, we won't finish our school year till then! I've just started a blog about homeschooling boys and have made you one of my go-to links!