Birthdays and Chickens

Last birthday post, I promise!! Thye boys had a blast at their party and spending time with their grandparents and uncle. They got some things they will really enjoy using. Lots of art supplies, legos, sciency-stuff: butterfly, frog and aquasaur habitats, k'nex, the kits they picked out from the Montessori Services catalog- my mom got them the Egg slicing kit, peeling a carrot, and the grinding (Mortar and pestle), plus the big baking accessories for them to share. I was pretty happy with their selections- I must admit I have gotten a little picky on what I want them to play with, and it doesn't help that Paul's family is a battery-operated family. There was one thing I am not too happy with- and it wasn't even for the b-day boys!! Paul's mom and grandmother have also started the tradition of bringing the NON-birthday boy a present. The 3 older got one on Lakin's and Lakin got some yesterday. It may not be that bad, except that my MIL called me and asked me before Lakin's b-day if I wanted them to bring something for the other boys and I told her NO, I didn't want that started. She said she just wanted to make sure, but then showed up with presents (3 total for each). I just don't like it. They need to learn that it's not always about them and somedays are special for others. If they feel left out- which I don't think my boys would- then tough! Anyway....back to the other thing I wasn't happy about- Lakin's un-birthday gift:

I made it 7 years without owning anything like this. It's the new extreme Tickle-Me Elmo. Yuck! They of course find it funny. I doubt it will take more than a week before I can stuff it in the closet though. Really the only character stuff we own is the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains. Nothing else, and I like it that way!!!

Rylan and Paul also went out last night to pick up the replacement chicks. They are cute. Easter Egg chicks. Hopefully both girls! They are cute though- they boys love having babies in the house! Rylan seems okay...he did get a little teary eyed yesterday when my dad asked him about Shadow and wouldn't talk about it.

This is HIS chick. So far nameless. She looks a little like Phoenix did.

And here is the 2nd one. She's a little more flighty right now, but hopefully will calm down with 4 pairs of hands wanting to hold her all the time.

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