Random Pictures from our Week

Here is Cohen with his new grinding set. I've been saving egg shells for awhile and he is having a blast grinding them (and cheerios too)
This is one of Lakin (16 mo) favorite things to do right now. We got this tiny little spoon with something else and it is just right for him to transfer the popcorn kernels from bowl to bowl.
And here is Lakin's first experience with pouring. He did well actually since I only put a tiny bit of water in it. Of course getting the little teacup to his mouth with out spilling that was a little harder.

Here's Cale working on his place value, 10s and 1s.

And Rylan working on skip counting 2-9 (12 times each). He worked really hard and enjoyed pointing out the factors that the different numbers shared.

We got this egg a few days ago. We've only gotten one this small once before. They sure are cute...but yolkless

And finally the bunches of birthday balloons seems to have tied themselves into one big bunch that I am kicking all over the house. The boys however are loving hiding themselves in them.


  1. Sadie, I take my hat off to you. With four little boys to keep track of I've no idea how you're so organized!

    I love Montessori stuff - my son went to Montessori school for six years before he began homeschooling with me. He LOVED all those pouring activities - fantastic for building the ability to follow a sequence of directions.

  2. I have got to try one of those lapbooks! I have been meaning to for quite some time. I know my 3 year old would love one of those. Thanks for the link!!