It's Birthday Time in Tennessee; Part 3

Today is Cohen's 3rd birthday.

He came a week late like Rylan did...after having contractions about every 10 minutes for 2 months. He's the sweetest child. He's grown up so much in the past year. This time last year he wasn't talking hardly at all. He spoke in sounds..."Daddy!Daddy! Moooooo!!" meant "Look! I see a cow!!" Every animal from cow to dog to elephant was said by it's sound. Even the word big was a sound- think of the sound you would make if you were trying to pick up something heavy. That was big/heavy for Cohen.

He talks now. He can count. He knows his letters. He is always asking "what does this say" He tries to keep up with his big brothers, and loves to play with his little brother.

Their party in in a few hours. And then his birthday dinner of "Pasta and pear!!!"

Happy Birthday, Cohen!!


  1. The baby pictures are adorable of your kids!! Such cutie-pies!!

  2. I just included you in my post of must-read blogs :)