It's Birthday Time in Tennessee; Part 1

Today my son turns 5.

He came into this world 3 weeks early, the day before his brother turned 2. He tried to have trouble breathing and was taken to the NICU only to breathe on his own 5 minutes into his stay. They still kept him 5 days.

He's grown so much....especially emotionally in the past year...he's always willing to help in the kitchen; collect eggs and take out the compost. He's ready and waiting to start school in the morning with no fights at all. He's independent and wants to do everything he can all by himself. He's a free spirit, with his head in the clouds, and I wouldn't want him any other way.

Happy Birthday, Cale!

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  1. He sounds alot like my oldest, who, by the way, turns 5 on the 23rd! That is a really good picture.