Lots and Lots of Pears!

This morning when I was reading though emails I came across a post in one of my local yahoo groups. Free pears, and they actually lived close to us. So we called them up and headed over before Paul left for work this morning. My camera batteries were still charging so no pics of the actual picking- just the results. The boys had a blast running and jumping to try and pick all they could. The tree was covered and had a ton way up out of reach, but we ended up bringing home more than 50lbs. They aren't ripe yet, but in a few days we'll can some pears and maybe make some pearsauce. Too bad they aren't ripe now...the boys are not wanting to be too patient! They've already eated a few that were not quite as hard as rocks!


  1. Those are beautiful! This is Val BTW... Actually, it is my main blog home. You have a beautiful set up, and what a cute pic of you and the boys. :) Congrats on the sweet pear score!


  2. WOW! You guys got lucky, I wish we could score something like that around here in MN.... I guess the best I can hope for is sweet corn and apples :-)

    But that isn't so bad now, is it?

  3. HI there, nice 'new' blog!
    My sons commented that the cake before it was decorated looked like a turtle or an igloo. So there are a couple of ideas for you!

  4. When life gives you pears make pear butter. :) LOL

    That's wonderful.