Shadow Flew the Coop

It was probably about the worst thing that could have happened on his birthday. Rylan chose Shadow for his own the day the chicks arrived. He named her. He held her. She quickly became one of our tamest birds. She sat with him when ever she was out of the brooder box. She didn't struggle to get away. She looked at us and cocked her head to the side when we talked to her.

Yesterday afternoon we walked outside and there she was. Rylan ran inside at the sight of the bird. She was black and during the 3 foot walk I was really hoping I would see golden feathers on her. But no. None. Shadow was the only solid black bird. You can imagine my reaction to the dog who walked up to me with feathers in her mouth. She was so scared of me she didn't attempt to come in for over 4 hours.

I walked inside and went straight to Rylan's room. He was sobbing in his bed. I felt almost as sick as I did when Bailey died. After holding him for a few minutes I had to ask him if he knew who it was....he shook his head. I had to tell him HIS bird was gone. He screamed even harder for a good hour.

Eventually he did calm down. He sat on the couch holding his stuffed animals. He asked if we could shuck the corn on the cob inside. He wouldn't go out back where we usually do it. He wouldn't go get the eggs. He wouldn't walk past the chickens yard to play outside.

He's okay this morning. He wants to get another chick, which we offered to do. He wanted to get another Black Rock, but has decided on an Easter Egg Chicken since we found some local. Paul and I have the job of clipping feathers now. We should have done it sooner, but they hadn't flown over since the last attack (from which the chicken fully recovered), when we added height to the fence. At least kids recover fairly easy, although I know he misses her a lot.

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