24 Days of Christmas: Day 10 and 11

Day 10

Christmas cookies
I ran out of time to do rolled and cut sugar cookies so we settled for peanut butter cookies with chocolate icing, and the all important decorations. We are taking them to the fire station today to give to the local firefighters.

Day 11

Tinker Toy Christmas Tree

I saw this idea on Better Homes and Garden's website and thought it was really cute. Our tinker toy set is missing a few pieces, but we improvised and made something that somewhat resembles a tree. We decked it out with pop-pom ornaments, our beaded candycanes and strung beads.

I think some of our crafts are starting to inspire....the boys have made about 3 of these cardboard cars in the past few days....

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  1. More great ideas. I love the Christmas cookies with all their 'toppings' - what *is* all of that?! Looks like something we'd have a ball making here - & to give them to the firestation... well, my boys would LOVE that even more :)

    That car is brilliant too. You guys are rocking!