24 Days of Christmas: Day 17,18, and 19

Day 17
red and green popcornPlace the popcorn kernal in bags and add some coloring. I use my wilton icing colors- they provide the best and deepest color. I don't think liquid color would work too well. Close up the bags and let little hands squish for awhile- until all the kernals are coated.
Spread out the kernals to dry. This took 1-2 days. When you pop the corn there will be flecks of red and green. We layered the 2 colors in a jar, added a ribbon to the top and it is ready to be given away.
Day 18

paper candy canes

I saw this over on Julie's blog and thought it would be the perfect addition to my Christmas crafts- especially since my list has a few bare spots on it. You can find the tutorial here- the boys really enjoyed making them and Cale made a couple more on his own today.


The yearly tradition that cannot be missed. One day I will actually bake the gingerbread from scratch, but for now a kit will do- all they care about is the candy anyway....


  1. Thanks for the props! Love what you're doing with the boys during December. Hope yours is a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Sadie,
    I am really loving all the crafts your doing they are great and you have really helped us this year when I was at a loss. A couple times I wasn't sure since some of our kiddos are older but, lots of your sharing has been just great for our kiddos thanks a bunch.
    Love the candy cane and the colored popcorn.


  3. Love the colored popcorn idea!! That is so fun :) To bad I don't have any wilton's food coloring except for pink *grin*. Have a very merry Christmas!