We spent the Christmas Eve day up in Gatlinburg with my dad and stepmother... they boys love spending time with Grampy and Gram....and you can't beat a 60 degree Christmas Eve on the top of a mountain.

Christmas morning festivities began around 7:30 when all the boys were finally up....stocking first.....when I was little- and actually up into my teenage years- Santa left our stockings on the end of our brother and I would wake up ridiculously early and tear into them...then go back to bed. I have yet to continue that tradition...I like seeing the kids open up their stockings too much. Here's Lakin.... a banana and a bus- his 2 favorite things in the world.... it's funny how quick they learn. By the end he definitely knew what a present was and what to do with it.

One of Cohen's big ticket items....

And Christmas morning fun....they were in their PJs until about 2 pm when we had to leave to go to Paul's grandmother's house.

Rylan's big item....

And with all these outdoor toys...

I'm glad it's been mild....temperatures are getting up near 70 today!


  1. I'm so behind in my blog reading...well everything really.. anyhoo.

    Looks like your boys had a fantastic Christmas. I will agree, I like to see the expressions on their faces when they open presents/stockings also.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy 2009!

  2. I love watching kids open gifts as well. It is such a sweet feeling. :) Your boys look like they had a wonderful Christmas. Where did you get the sit and go toy? That looks crazy fun!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend!


  3. We got all the scooter/bikes off amazon...they had crazy deals like 50% off and free shipping. The one Cale got is called a flying turtle...I remember them from when I was a kid and thought he'd get a kick out of it!