24 Days of Christmas: Day 21,22 and 23

Day 21
chocolate pretzel treatsNormally we make chocolate dipped pretzels for the boys to give out to family, but I saw this on A Day of Wonders and thought it was a cute idea that they would be able to do more of independantly. They really enjoyed it....Lakin did really well opening up the kisses and putting them on the pretzels- usually he just eats what we are doing!

Now they are all bagged up and ready to be handed out in the next 2 days.
Day 22
"A miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer"

This is what happens when I offered to help Cohen make a wooden sleigh since I wasn't sure how to make the wooden airplane he was asking for...
Once the sleigh was made....."Now it needs Santa and reindeer"

paper, googley eyes, and craft sticks.....and you can make anything....

even Santa.

Day 23

Today was spent finishing up gifts, wrapping gifts, putting together packages for grandparents. Cale decided to make some plain chocolate covered pretzels with the left over supplies from our previous treats. Rylan finshed knitting the hat he was making for Lakin. Cale made a craft stick monster for Rylan....

And yes I am fully aware that I skipped day 20

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  1. You truly are an inspiration. I failed miserably at the 25 days of Christmas. I made it to about day 15, then we got so busy with other thins, that it was pushed aside. Some way to start a tradition huh? (smile)

    I like the craft stick Santa and reindeer.