24 Days of Christmas: Day 14, 15 and 16

Day 14
Miscellaneous holiday fun...
I didn't have a specific item planned for the day- but we bagged up a lot of our reindeer chow for Paul to give to his coworkers. We also had 6 dozen cookies to make for a cookie exchange I was going to that night.
Day 15

popcorn garland

The boys each made a strand- with Lakin helping by handing out the pieces of popcorn to everyone. Once the strands were done we hung them out on the trees in our front yard for the birds and squirrels.

Day 16

This was a simple, picture-less day. Dinner and a movie. I made pizzas and we watched a couple movies from the Chirstmas Holiday Favorites DVD : A year without Santa Claus and How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In other news: isn't this about the cutest thing ever? They are about 3 weeks old now and the boys LOVE them.


  1. I love your holiday activities you have given me so many great ideas this year thank you bunches, I love your creativity and talent.
    Hubby and I were thinking of stringing popcorn, the kiddos seen your snowflakes and want to try those thanks again for ideas, your such a inspiration to me, hope you don't mind us borrowing a few of your ideas.
    I also love your baby bunnies...they are adorable..I so wish we could take one off your hands they are adorable and our daughter would just love them well, our 12yo too he is such a animal lover.
    We had one of those movie family nights I think twice now throughout our activities just hanging out nothing special but, those days were alot of fun too.
    Thank you again for all your sharing, I really appreciate it.


  2. That is seriously about the cutest thing ever!

    I have never liked strining popcorn... I think my needle is always too big. Need to buy a beading needle or something... but they break on me, and then fall off the string, and I feel like I am wasting my time. lol!

    Thanks for the reminder about the homemade pizza and a movie night. We haven't done that since we moved. It's about time that got started up again. :)