24 Days of Christmas: Day 4 and 5

Day 4
Beaded candy cane ornaments.
Simply jewelry wire and beads- we used 8mm round ones, in red, white and green. Cale made 2 and Rylan made 5. Cohen made one of these and one using pony beads and a pipe cleaner- that was a little easier on his little hands (and eyes).
Day 5
Pompom snowmen
Again- simple. 3 white pompoms, in varying sizes glued together. They also added a piece of felt for the scarf, tiny pompoms for eyes and buttons and rummaged through my button stash for "hats" (Rylan actually found a hat button). We sewed the 3 together to help with stability and to attach the hats.
We also made smaller snowmen with only scarves. Then we made a snowman scene. A house made from a cut graham cracker box, a lot of cotton, some confetti and the snowmen.
I think they had a lot of fun with this one!


  1. Loving all your great crafts and pictures! Thanks for new ideas!

  2. You crafts are great! I took a couple weeks off for the move too. I am feeling like I can really think again. Sometimes, it really helps to take sometime off.

    Super cool stuff you are doing this month. Do you have a list to post? Perhaps we can join you on some. ;)