Welcome to December

This morning I woke up to this:
I love snow. We don't get much of it around here, and the fact that we have some on the first day of December gives me hope that we might have a winter this year. Snow is the only thing that makes the cold weather bearable for me.

We are back on regularly scheduled programming now. We took 2 weeks off and I sort of feel like I have my head on straight now. And at the very least I planned the week. We are also doing a '24 days of Christmas' type thing around here. I have planned something- like a craft, baking, gift making, etc- for each day until Christmas Eve. And here was day one:
Rylan, Cale and Cohen each made a chain to hang in our playroom windows. They cut and glued while I read to them from the Sam Houston biography Rylan picked out at the library.

Our advent calendar came out today too. We made this a couple years ago- inspired by a similar one I had as a child. 24 houses and a little felt person for each member of our family. They loved decorating it when we made and move their people before I even get up in the morning.

Here's one of our newest additions. We lost one, so we only have 2 babies. Eyes and ears are still closed but hair is starting to grow.

The snow is still falling outside. The first round melted already but it is beginning to cover the grass again. I am sure we will make a second attempt to play in it this afternoon. Our first attempted ended quickly when the freezing rain began to fall.


  1. Hi Sadie,
    Good Tuesday Morning!
    I love your advent calendar that is really cute, I have been wanting to make one for the kids and think they would love and enjoy it but, not sure what to put under each number though don't want candy that's for sure. I will have to brainstorm...any ideas?
    I love your precious little bunny boy our daughter so wants one...why can't we just live a little closer to ya guys. :)
    We haven't had any real snow yet but, where we live I know it's coming. I hear ya on the making the cold bearable thing us too...the kids are looking forward to going ice skating next week, I made a promise so I am saving a little money for that day.
    Thanks for sharing your advent, snow and bunny....I love reading your blog it so inspires me and gets me thinking of what we can do...gets me creative again.


  2. Great advent calendar! Enjoy your snow!

  3. Ooh, I love the advent calendar. We have one and I haven't gotten it out yet! Doh!

    No snow here, which figures...we only live in MN! That's OK, we'll still have some in April.

  4. Such a cute advent calendar! Every year I consider doing one, and every year I remind myself that I would never remember to keep up with it the whole time. But, in keeping with my decision to drop the perfectionism in my life that holds me back from trying things just because I might not be able to do them "perfectly", I believe I'll jump in and start (even though I'm a few days late). Anyway, I'm thinking that my kids will not forget to keep us updated! :)