Art unit- Lesson 7 and 8

Lesson 7: Sketching

This was a very short lesson. More on drawing lightly than actual sketching but I included it because all of my boys seem to think they must press as hard as they can when they draw, then they get frustrated when they want to erase a line and it won't.

So we started simply with drawing lines as hard as we could, and then as lightly as we could. Then they practiced using a light touch for awhile to get used to the feel...Cale has a lot of trouble with this. He presses hard when he draws and when he writes....

Then we moved on to lesson 8, which included practicing sketching as it's first exercise...

Cale's face sketch

Lesson 8: Real Life Art

The focus of our real life art exercise was drawing faces. I emphasized drawing what they saw and to really observe each other before we got started drawing. We got out the ruler and roughly measured each others faces to see where the eyes fell in the face and where the edges of the mouth and nose were in relation to each other.

Then we observed a few portraits, especially one of Van Gogh, as well as a sketch he did of himself too.
Then we sketched the shape of a face, drew light lines to determine where the eyes should be and continued with each feature. I reminded them to look at each other or in the mirror I set up often to look at what they were drawing.

Rylan's sketch

Once the sketch was done we finished the drawings in oil pastels. Again paying attention to real details. Some were better than others on keeping it real life :)
Rylan's final product
Cale's final product- I think he will do much better on the abstract lesson next.


  1. I really like that you included a short lesson on drawing lightly before the sketching. My kids too draw and write heavily and especially for Boo, every line is a chore--it's almost she is trying to make up for how slowly she writes by writing as heavily as she can!
    Beautiful faces guys. I think that abstract will be popular around here too.

  2. Oh, those are fabulous! Our daughters have been drawing since they could hold a crayon. Some nights they snuggle into bed with their sketch pads. For them it's a form of expression as important as writing.

    So happy to have found your blog! Thanks for visiting mine...

  3. Your art lessons are so inspirational Sarah! Your kids are so very lucky. :)

    I agree with Ruralmama, the lesson on light sketching is a great one. Alex always presses SO hard that it is hard to erase where he wants to.