Our School Room

It's School Room Week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop

So here's a tour of our space....

That's my main command center...on top at least....my planner sits on top with the pencils, paintbrushes, colored pencils, glue, etc and the white board. Below that is one cube of our main books and then mostly art supplies- a junk/craft drawer, oil and chalk pastels, dot and water color paints, playdough.....

This is the preschool/science section. It has some montessori activities like pouring, grinding, and hammering. Lacing and sorting activities, pattern blocks and puzzles. Also some of our science things likes magnets, test tubes and electric kits.

The library....pretty self explanatory :)

Nature table- aloe plant and hermit crabs for them to care for. The binder is our self-made tree identification guide, rocks/minerals and an ID book and sea shells.

Geography center with our globe, lots of puzzles for the USA and world, and our North American pin map.

This shelf is mostly language. On top in the drawers are our word-study cards, and then some other file folder games and notebooks. HWT slates and wood pieces, letter writing station, ABC stamps and clothes pins, montessori inspired punching, our moveable alphabet and personal white boards.

And our final shelf in the room....which is home to most of our math items. On top is where I put the things I don't feel comfortable with being in the hands of little ones...like our glass color mixing bottles and our microscopes. Next shelf down are the 3 older boys boxes- where I put their book work or any other activities I want them to do. Then our math items: beads , pizza fractions, counting and add/subtract puzzles, alien counting, add/subtract sticks, cuisenaire rods, and then some other preschool things and a bunch of inherited flash cards on all sorts of subjects. The other purpose of this shelf is to separate it from this section of the room:

The play area. Where Lakin and Cohen play once they have lost interest in the things I pull out for them to do while the big boys do their book work.

Of course, like most homeschoolers our learning isn't only in this room....we use the couch, the kitchen table, the door, the floor, the garden, the yard. We learn while gathering local produce or out with the chickens....everywhere....


  1. That's such an awesome room! I wish I had a room I could devote more to our school stuff--it's kinda all over out house right now! :-)

  2. I love it! Thank you so much. I needed to see this. We have out grown our areas & all our hands on is all over the place. I should have a new school room soon (depending when my husband finishes) & the cubies are what I had in mind, but just needed to "see it". Thanks for sharing & giving me a little inspiration!

  3. It looks so good!! I like the pictures!

  4. Thanks for the tour and for the ideas!

  5. Lots of shelves seems to be the revolving theme in most schoolrooms! Actually my favorite re-decorating idea is buying more bookshelves! Your room looks very organized and functional. Great Job!

  6. Hey, I just bought that rack set-up at Costco today!

    Thanks for sharing your room. I love looking at the different school rooms.

  7. WOW, I think you're the third person (Homeschool family) with all boys..We have four boys also!! Happy Homeschooling!! :)

  8. Okay, where did you get the cubbies from? Especially the preschool/science ones?


  9. Most all of it came from Target (I think other places carry the line too though) I don't remember the name- but it's all 1 ft cubes...some of ours have 9 cubes, some 8, then you can add on the smaller narrow shelves . They have cloth boxes that fit inside, which we have but don't use as much since I decluttered and want things more visable.

  10. A great boy-friendly setup!

    All the hands on stuff for the little ones is a must.

    Right next to the playroom is perfect. That's how our home is set up too. The school room was supposed to be the formal dining room on the blueprints. It's nestled between our kitchen and our playroom.

  11. Love your schoolroom and your boys photos! They are so stinkin cute!