We've been reading the book Poppy by Avi for the past few weeks and finally finished it yesterday. Since this is our literature week we have been describing characters and mapping plots. Today we made a game. It took a lot of recall on their part to remember the different places in the book, the mice's names, when and where certain negative and positive things happened, etc.

First up, the players. 4 mice: Poppy, Basil, Sweet Cicely and Lungwort

Next they drew the different places- Bannock Hill, Gray House, New House, Dimwood Forest, Glitter Creek, Mr. Ocax's tree and Ereth's log and added them to the board using the map in the book for placement.

Then they laid down the path- with a few different Bannock Hill, down Tar Road....

Start is Gray House

Finish is New House

With a few good and bad spaces along the way...chased by a fox, attacked by Mr. Ocax, Saved by Ereth, washed down Glitter Creek...

And here's the die....If you roll Mr. Ocax you lose your turn.

Time to Play!


  1. That's a cool way to review plot, characters and story sequence. What fun.

  2. We are reading Poppy this year! I will have to bookmark these activities! Thanks for the fun ideas.

  3. GREAT game!!! I love homemade games :)

  4. This is great! Fauna (my oldest), LOVED that series.

    Lisa :P