It's Birthday Time: Party and Cakes

Alternately titled: I am exhausted

Thursday I picked about 3 + lbs of basil and spent all night trimming leaves and making pesto. Friday we picked 85 lbs of peaches and I spent the day and late into the night canning 14 qts of sliced peaches. Saturday I baked and decorated 3 cakes. Today was the party, which included making the house and yard presentable,making peach ice cream and all the festivities. And I just finished peeling and seeding 7 more qts of peaches which are in the canner as I type.

But on to the real subject....BIRTHDAYS!

Here is Cale's turtle [peanut butter] cake

Rylan's pickup truck [yellow] cake
And Cohen's Chinese Dragon [chocolate] cake

That dragon was a tough one, it took forever to get the face to look how I sort of wanted it. Finally I left it alone and moved on to the next 2 cakes....and I liked it much better once I had a break from staring at it.

Today we had a small party for the birthday boys...

with friends...

And games...

and cake...
and presents...

One more birthday post to go. Paul's off for a whole week. And Wednesday we head up for a few days in Cincinnati and all sorts of fun stuff- which is our present to the boys'.


  1. Those are quite the cakes! Good work!

  2. Wow, I don't know how you found the time to decorate three cakes. You did a great job. I loved the turtle best!

  3. You made me feel tired just reading your post...I wish I had your energy level.

  4. Hi There Sadie,
    I just wanted to say Jeremiah (our cake man here) loves your cakes. Wonderful Job!! He said he wants to try and make the cakes like you did. He is impressed. :)
    Have a great time with the family this week and boy were you busy canning, cooking, baking. WOW!


  5. Where on earth do did you learn how to make cakes like that? They are AMAZING!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy birthday to your boys! Looks like you have some great ideas. Can't wait to come back to your blog and look through your homeschooling posts! Blessings for the coming year!

  7. You are AMAZING woman! Those cakes are just stunning!