Our Clean Water Experiment

How clean is your water?

Gather your water samples...we used rain water, water from the hose, tap water and our filtered refrigerator water.

Take small sample of each water and place it on a slide with cover slip. Observe.

Using coffee filters, pour each sample through to see what visible 'pollution' was in the water.

Then go get the really dirty water sitting in the old chicken waterer in the yard and see what it holds...

1. Our filtered refrigerator water had more debris in it than tap water
2. None of the samples were completely clean
3. Mosquito larvae look really cool under a microscope
4. So are all the microscopic organisms that live in algae filled water


  1. This was a great idea! As I was reading I was thinking you would say that about the fridge water. Try having them swab the soap or hand sanitizer dispenser too, VERY yucky!

  2. Sadie,

    That was so interesting!! especially when you said your tap water was more filtered amazing!!
    I think we may have to try this that was awesome. How cool, I wonder what my kids would think about our bottled water and tap water hmmmm???

    Thanks for the idea,

  3. I have thought about doing this, but am afraid I wouldn't want to drink the water after I saw what was in it.