Global Issues + Writing

I rethought our Language Arts program a few weeks ago, and in attempt to fit what I want in I decided to rotate weeks. So during our 4 week blocks we will do one week of grammar, one week of writing, one week of literature and one week of phonics. This week was writing week. The week in which I force them outside of their comfort zone and require full sentences and more than just one of them. We had plenty to write about since we are also studying global issue this week...

We wrote letters asking companies to use more earth-friendly products....
We drew landfills and wrote about the pictures....

We created posters showing the hole in the ozone

We imagined what it would be like if the Earth got to hot....

Next week is Lit week- meaning we will focus mostly on comprehension, plot, setting, characters etc...But we still have a few more weeks on the environment, and since we won't be spending so much time writing...or throwing fits about writing....we should have a little bit more time for projects and experiments.


  1. I like how each week your focus is on another area of Language arts that sounds like a really great idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the idea of writing letters about caring for our environment.

    Good on ya, Mama!