On Acid Rain

Today's topic: Acid rain

After reading and discussing what acid rain actually is and what it does we started our experiments

Collect rain water and tap water samples in tubes

Place ph testing chemicals into water and read results

We tested twice, using separate chemicals (one for a fishtanks and one for swimming pools).

Conclusions: In both cases our tap water was right on track at neutral and the rain water was basic. We are going to try again using fresh rain water, since the rain water we used was a couple days old and Mother Nature didn't cooperate and rain when my lesson plans wanted it to.

We also started our second experiment which will last a few days. Effects of acid rain on plants.

We have 3 water types: tap, little acid and a lot of acid. I used vinegar for the acid. Then we planted a couple bean seeds in each cup and watered with the appropriate water. Then they hypothesized about which plants will sprout and why.

If I had planned ahead more, I would have pre-sprouted the seeds and had them water the actual plants to see how the acid effects a growing thing.


  1. That is a great idea too. I love the chemical testing that was a good idea and the plant idea is superb. Thanks for sharing these great experiments they are really great ideas to do and they aren't outlandish and complicated to gather up and they learn alot.

    Thanks again for sharing

  2. Wow. Your amazing. I love it.... I may copy in the future. :)

    Completely off topic. But... Do you have a good way to save links to link to later? I always loose where I got ideas when I can't print stuff out... Like now. When I have no ink.


  3. You bean killer! Be careful. You might have vegetarians protesting outside your front door!