4th Grade Reading List

I have a list in my binder of books for each grade. These are titles I have pulled from a variety of sources. Some are based on literary merit that I want my guys to read. And some are chosen based on subjects I think may help them find the books that speak to them. The ones they just can't put down. I think I have finally narrowed down my 4th graders books for the year. I plan on assigning one book a month- in addition to their required 30 min. silent reading per day. I will ask him a couple questions on each chapter or have him summarize it. And when he reads it entirely he will have some sort of final project- from writing a review to a plot summary to a "book report". I haven't quiet decided what those project choices will be yet.

I am starting rather easy. Sort of below his level. I think he will have more trouble (read: he will fight me and complain about doing it) with the comprehension stuff since he doesn't like change and I have never asked him to do stuff like that. So simple books will ease him into that. Here's a list of a few of the books I plan on using. I reserve the right to change my mind of course...

Sarah, Plain and Tall.
He's 3 chapters in right now, since we started school on Monday.

The Sword in the Tree

Again a pretty easy read. I will probably assign it to my 2nd grader at the end of the year too. But I think he will like it.

Stone Fox

The Whipping Boy

Robinson Crusoe

I am not positive I am using this's just the one I have here at the house.

Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

The Great Turkey Walk


A couple others on my list are:

Ben and Me

James and the Giant Peach

The Wind in the Willows

And this one isn't one I have assigned...just putting it in his line of sight. It's the type of book he tends to we'll see if he bites.


  1. what a blessing to select and share wonderful books, life, learning with boys. children.
    Enjoyed your list, Laura

  2. what a blessing to select and share wonderful books, life, learning with boys. children.
    Enjoyed your list, Laura

  3. How do you go about selecting what you think is good? Do you use a already generated list as a framework and then add in titles you think are good, or is it by some other means? I keep thinking about compiling a reading list, but it just seems like a huge job! Also, I'm never sure where a certain book falls on the reading level scale. I'm always impressed with your skill and organization, lady. It's just inspiring!

  4. I use various other lists- Sonlight's (which list the range for each of the books) and a few sources I found via google. I also paged through the book section in the Rainbow Resource guide. That's where I found half my list...then I read them to see if they were appropriate level and maturity wise.