Blueberry Pickin'

We went blueberry picking this morning for the first time this season. We got there early and it got hot quick. But always cool in the shade of the jungle of blueberry bushes.

Since we were with friends, I don't think the boys picked as much as they usually do. They spent most of their time one-upping each other on who could find the biggest berry and talking about other random things. But we managed over 6 lbs before it was said and done.

We've been snacking on them all day...

and had blueberry muffins for dinner...

and blueberry pie for dessert.

That's enough blue for one day.


  1. Michael has been eating them raw all day long. (Visions of Willy Wonka.) I made the blueberry cobbler and found a scone recipe I want to try soon. None of the new recipes really stood out to me, I'm glad I kept my sheet from last year.

  2. What fun for the boys! We have three small blueberry plants in the garden - our first time. The boys picked blackberries, red raspberries. and beans yesterday.
    I'm thinking this garden experience is going to be a good thing.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. With us it's been raspberries. My mom gave us a giant pail of them and they beckon to us constantly. I'm going to end up a giant raspberry by the time I'm done!

    That looks like a blueberry farm- a local strawberry farm planned to have blueberries, but then something mysterious happened to all of their bushes this spring and they all died! So no blueberries for us, it seems like there's not as many of those farms nearby us. But we've been lucky with other berries!

    Looks like a very fun and tasty outing!

  4. I LITERALLY have a post that is IDENTICAL to this...even the TITLE!!!! Here's the link...I'm not lying!