Aliens and Water

We started out by painting backgrounds- the alien planet and surrounding space....

While those were drying we made symmetrical aliens.... by cutting half an alien shape on the fold of a paper. This was frustrating to some and easy for others.

Then we decorated...

Using oil pastels, pom-poms, LOTS of googly eyes and other various craft items

Then the aliens went home to their planets. In our group of 11 we got many different types of aliens- from big blobs to small and intricate.

Then on to water experiments. Where they discussed displacement, buoyancy and density.

At least I think they did...I was busy with the toddlers finding random items throughout the house to float and sink and making puddles on the table.

The bulk of the experiment time was spent using clay and trying to form a boat that would float. Once they perfected their designs, they went in search of passengers. From little dinosaurs to teddy bear counters to Lego men....

See ya!


  1. aaahhhh! We did those symmetry aliens although we did monsters I believe. :) How cool! What a wonderful learning day. How Awesome!


  2. Just wanted you to know that Rohan was really loves his alien picture. :)