Rocket and Space Collage

This week's art project came from Deep Space Sparkle. Since we are studying space, I chose a project that goes along with that theme. Step one was to create the rocket. We used cut up cereal boxes for the rocket body. One large rectangle and a triangle to form the body and various shapes for the window, boosters, wings, etc... Glue all pieces together and set them aside to dry.

Next is to make the background.

Start by drawing 4-5 planets in oil pastels on a piece of paper. Once the planets are filled in completely. Get out your black paint and paint any white space black. We used tempera paint cakes.

Once the black is dry, or dry enough, dab on 'star' with silver paint. We used acrylic silver and used the wrong end of the paint brush to dab them on.

By now your rocket should be dry, so set the background off to dry and get out more paints and brushes and paint your rocket. Again, we used tempera paint cakes.

Then all that's left is to glue the rocket onto the background...






  1. Oh! I am loving all the neat things you are doing with astronomy. I can't wait to do them with my kids in a few weeks. Thank you for all the great ideas :)

  2. That was a really neat and cute project. Well Done!

  3. Hi Sadie,
    I meant to ask you in a previous post do you guys have a girls name picked out for your little blessing yet? (or is that surprise?)

    Congratulations again!