Last night we went fishing. We had a pretty good catch- Paul and I caught 9 each, Rylan caught 8, Cale 5...Lakin was the official bait hander-outer and Cohen....well he played on the playground. But somewhere near when we getting ready to leave Rylan started dangling his pole in the rocky, shallow area. And pulled out this:

It was tiny- maybe 4 inches long. Quick too. But Paul caught it for them to look at before it ran for the water. For the next 45 minutes Rylan and Cale tried to catch another. They fed one quite a bit of bread and hotdogs, but he never clamped on enough to pull completely out of the water.


He hooked one. Really hooked it. At first we thought we were going to have to cut the line, since none of us were really willing to stick our fingers near the jaws of a snapping turtle, but after a little shaking the hook came loose and he fell off.

This one was a bit bigger. Maybe the size of my hand. I think they might have found a new pastime. It was so much more exciting than the time Cohen pulled out a bullfrog.


  1. Those are really cool snapping turtles what a fun educational adventure. :)


  2. How fun! That little one is so cute.. hehe