The First Week of School

We started school this past Monday. It went relatively well, considering they were up really late Sunday night watching fireworks. And we had to get up early on Tuesday to go blueberry picking. I've changed how we are doing a few things this year and I've added a few things to my schedule that always seem to be pushed aside. And now that the first week is done, I can tell a few more things I want/need to change for next week.

This year we are doing science 3 times a week and will be studying Earth Sciences. Starting with Astronomy. This week we covered the beginning/expansion of the Universe; galaxies and stars. Each day we read then do some sort of activity. The only one I got pictures of was our galaxy mobile.

Which turned out very pretty and is hanging from the playroom ceiling.

We are having a weekly music lesson- this is one of those pushed aside things. Starting with learning how to play the recorder. I am realistic and only really expect Cale and Rylan to learn how to play. I am hoping Cohen picks up as much as he can. And I am hoping to keep Lakin from blowing too loudly while I try to teach the others the notes. They practiced again today and Rylan and Cohen helped Lakin get his fingers right and he actually did quite well going from B to A.

We also relaxed a bit....or at least some of us did....

Another subject pushed aside? Art. So it is now written for every Friday in my planner. Today's lesson was symmetry. We discussed what it is, how to find it, what objects in their lives have symmetry. Then we drew butterflies....attempting to be symmetrical in the patterns on the wings...Some were better at that concept than others....

Cohen's butterfly

Rylan's butterfly

Cale's butterfly

Another big thing- swimming. We were up in Townsend at the pool twice this week....and the item that has been on my summer goal list for about 4 years now has been accomplished:

Rylan swimming.


  1. Yea!!! It looks like a great week to me. I'm a little partial but the music picture is definitely my favorite. I'm doing the same way this year, picking things we never get to and then doing them at least once a week. What a great way to start the school year!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! My girls would love the butterflies.

    I'm your newest follower. Please follow me back at Thanks!

    Love, Lauren (in Australia)

  3. We're just about to start Astronomy too. I love all the ideas you find. Could you tell me how you made the galaxy mobiles? It looks like something my daughters would like.

  4. I just updated and linked to the galaxy mobile. It was from Nasa's space place...they have a lot of nice crafts

  5. I left you an award on my blog :)

  6. I love the galaxy mobile. Even though we spent all of last year on astronomy, Larkin is still asking to do more.
    Glad you had a good first week.

  7. Hi Sadie,
    What a great week in school. Love the galaxy mobile your right that is really pretty. Your also correct music and art due easily tend to get pushed aside it has happened to us more times than I can count. Jeremiah and Benjamin are learning the recorder this year how neat. Oh love your kitty when did you get it and what's it's name...It appears to be relaxing. :)


  8. What an awesome first week! We too will be starting school again here next week and I'm excited about the possibilities! It's great to see that you're finding that it's possible to get overlooked items back into the schedule of things to do. You are so organized, it just blows me away! Congratulations!