Making Jupiter


Liquid starch
watered down acrylic paints in orange and red (and yellow...)
white paper cut in circles
pie plate

Step 1:
Pour enough starch in the pie plate to cover the bottom. Drop the paint in to the starch in a random pattern.

Step 2:
Add "wind" to swirl the colors

Step 3:
Gently place the paper circles into the painted starch and let sit about 30 seconds.
Place somewhere safe to dry (they can stick to the surface so make sure you move them every now and then as they dry to avoid that. Once dry you can place them under a heavy book to flatten out.)

And then you have...


( I did computer edit the background completely out on the pictures....but we glued the planets into black paper frames once they were dry and flat.)


  1. Those are really pretty!!! Wow what a nice job!


  2. This is really nice, I love it. I do not always comment but I do enjoy your blog quite a bit.

  3. Niiiice! You always have the neatest ideas :) Great job!!

  4. Those are really cool! I can't wait to try this out with the girls, so fabulous!

  5. I know you did these this summer, but I remember reading this blog post and saying "We have to do that!". We did it today for science lab and the kids had a blast! Thanks so much for the great ideas that you pass on.