On Gardening

Compared to last year it probably seems like we don't have a garden this year. We do. But it's taken a back seat to me feeling sick and tired. I've been 8-9 months pregnant and kept up a garden just fine. I've also had a newborn and did fine. Apparently me and first trimester gardening don't mix too well. So it's back there fending for itself....It'd probably be doing even better if I would water it, seeing that it's been so hot and dry lately. But I have a freezer of strawberries and zucchini. The peas got picked at eaten.

We've had okra 3-4 times for lunch or dinner...which, by the way, I was surprised that Rylan and Cale liked. Lakin and Paul have always loved it, but they would never try it. Until we grew it this year. Now me...I still don't care for it.

Our tomatoes started coming in a week or so ago.

And we've made our first batch of salsa

And the tomatoes are roasting for sauce as I type.

Here's a peek at the new little one....This picture is a few weeks old now, but I haven't posted it on here yet. This is at 13 weeks (I am 16.5 weeks now). It's amazing how far ultrasounds have come in the past few years...

If the baby is cooperating we will find out the sex on July 12. When the above picture was taken the tech's guess, with 85% certainty, was that it is a girl. But it was pretty early...


  1. Congratulations Sadie!!!
    Did I miss the big announcement or is this it? Another mom of all boys from one of the blogs I read just found out she expecting a girl too. I'm totally jealous!!! I love life with all these boys but pink sure would be exciting! I can't wait to hear the name you pick - I love the boys' names! I will be praying for a healthy baby! Take care!

  2. Awww, I hope we both get our girl! :) I will find out sometime in AUGUST! :)

    Enjoy your pg and your veggies as best you can!

  3. I love the food from garden either way it is always so beautiful and fresh and yummy looking. As for the baby ultra sound I am soooo excited for you. How awesome and wonderful. I do hope it's a girl she would be such a wonderful complement to the family.