For the first time.... more than 7 years I live in a crib-less house. The crib has been a permanent fixture in our house. Sometimes in contained baby stuff instead of sleeping babies, but only for the few months leading up to it's next inhabitants arrival. Yesterday I took it apart....Lakin has resided in the bunk house for the past few days...

Yeah...more growing up going on around here....but apart from the baby not being a baby anymore....I now have a spare room.

A room for things like this:

or this:

and most importantly this:

What is that you ask?? It's half a [ceral] box house. Once we get more hot glue sticks it will be more of a house. And once I eat even more Special K than I have already it will be a whole house. The ideas Cale gets from reading Family Fun...


  1. Oh, what Caleb would give for a cereal box house...even half of one!!

  2. I like the cereal box house. I think quaker oats had a commerical or cheerios like that also.
    That is so cool, I wonder if our kids would like that?
    It might be worth trying.


  3. It's a funny thing, I saw the words "Nineteen Eighty Four" but they didn't register because in my mind I was looking for "1984." Simple mind tricks. I have no idea why I missed Animal Farm. I think I need a break from the kids!

  4. LOL...I thought you were going to store cereal in the room! I was thinkin', "Man...they eat a lot of cereal!"

    We've been crib free for a while now, but our new one is being delivered on Wed.

  5. Sorry...didn't mean to alarm you. I meant the crib is being delivered on Wed. I see now how you thought My due date was Dec. 1, but I'm having a planned c-section on Nov. 19. Still have a few weeks to get ready thankfully. =)

  6. That is SO cool! Now I am wishing we ate cereal. lol!

    Congrats on the crib free house. We will have a crib for a while more due to Logan's addiction to the silverware and knife drawers. Gotta know the second that one is up. :)


  7. Nice box house! I was also thinking (the first time I looked at it) "Man, they need a whole room to store their cereal?" Thumbs up on the sewing machine. Still wishing I had a place to keep mine permanently out...

  8. Sarah, would you come over and look and see if I should move my Homeschool Blog?

    What do you think?