Homeschool Memoirs: Study Spot

This week's Homeschool Memoirs asks for your favorite study spot.
When we learned we were expecting Lakin we made the decision to add a room on to our home. The boys' toys and our school supplies were taking over the house and adding another body would put us in cramped quarters and make me a little more stressed in general. So we knocked out a set of double windows in our living room, put in French doors and built a 16' x 16 ft room. It is our playroom and our classroom. It is where the majority of our studying takes place.
My biggest purchase for this room was our table. I am not a fan of desks. And I wanted a table that we could all fit at, and would grow as they grow. The legs on our table will adjust to be a foot or more higher than it is now. So all I will need is bigger chairs when they don't fit the little ones anymore. The table is where almost all of our book work, experiments and art projects take place.
Then we have our book corner. This picture was taken a few months ago. It looks a little different now, more boxed in and another pillow added.
They boys do their read aloud here. And Cohen and Lakin like to lounge around looking at books here too. And as you can see there is almost always one of our cats there as well.
But not all the studying takes place in those 2 places. A lot of times they spread out to places like the door:

Or the floor:

But almost always we are in the school room. I am not sure we ever use our dining room table for school. Other than for cooking or the occasional math assignment that isn't getting done in a room full of other people. We do spread out though: read on the living room floor or couches, cooking in the kitchen, and outside on the decks or in the yard. But for the most part our schoolroom is very well used.


  1. Love the pictures, kids love to do things in some f the most unusual places.

  2. Wow! I was so excited to see you here! I love your school room, especially your table...love the adjustable legs...

  3. I love your book corner - I'd like to incorporate something like that!

  4. oooo what kind of project are they doing on those little squares? I'd love to know!

  5. 4 boys, how fun! I'd love to have 4 sons! I love your school room, especially the book reading area.

  6. Is it sad that I am totally envious? I have such a cramped space... it causes such problems for us.

    I LOVE your space however. I even like the color of the room. And it seems like a well loved, well used space.


  7. Hello there,
    I liked one of your photos very much and so I put it on a post on my blog along with a link to your blog!