Pumpkin Patch

This trip marks the beginning of the season for us. The pumpkins are out, the leaves are changing, the air is colder....
Yesterday was our annual pumpkin patch field trip, one the boys look foward to as soon as the signs get put up down the road. A little late this year, but at least our pumpkins won't be lopsided and rotten come Halloween this Friday.

The pumpkins were picked. And dropped off in the yard. I had no inclination to carve yesterday, something about gusty and 40 degrees that doesn't pair well with gooey pumpkin pulp. No matter how hard this one begged:

We'll carve them this afternoon.

Here's the last picture taken of the 5 mom and Amy left this morning. It was a short visit and Rylan cried on the way home from the airport. He has a hard time saying good-bye. I wish we were closer than 700 miles apart.
And on a side note: to anyone who may happen to subscribe...I am planning on transferring some more old posts from my homeschoolblogger you may just want to skip over them....


  1. Awww... lookit all those cute punkins all in a row.

  2. I just love pumpkins. They are so photogenic. My kids painted some at a festival we went to this past weekend.

  3. I love that last picture! My kids did jack-o-lanterns 2 weeks ago and they're looking pretty wilted already, but seeing how my aunt and cousins did all the messy work with them (and I didn't have to!) it's ok! Have a great Halloween.